Ingleborough in Winter Bellermine
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Talks and Walks for 2020

Practical work for 2020

Special events for 2020

IAG Committee - update
The makeup of the new IAG Committee was decided by postal ballot this year. The new Chair of the Committee is Bob Moore. The new Treasurer is John Cuthbert.

All IAG activities have been suspended for the duration of 2020, due to Covid-19 measures.
  • There will be no practical activities this year
  • The Runscar excavation is planned for September 2021
  • The Clapdale excavation is planned for April 2022
  • The excavation at Clapham Bottoms is planned for September 2020

Ingleton Christmas Fair
On 24 November 2019, the IAG display included a selection of historic documents kindly donated by the Ingleborough Community Centre. There is a wide range of material, covering a significant part of the village's recent history. The Group plans to investigate these documents over the coming year to aid research into the local history of the area.

Surveying in Ingleborough
One of the important tasks for members of the Group is to record sites in an around Ingleborough before they disappear from view. Although we have not the resources to excavate every interesting site, we can survey and add them to the historical record and for future investigation. We regularly survey using Total Station and Tape & Offset methods.

IAG visit to view Rock Art on Baildon Moor
On 15 September, members enjoyed an afternoon on Baildon Moor viewing Rock Art. The visit was led by an IAG member, Mike Short.
23 September 2018
rock art / baildon moor
rock art / baildon moor rock art / baildon moor

IAG visit to the village of Wray
On 14 July, members spent a most enjoyable afternoon touring the streets of Wray and learning about its history. Our leader was Mike Winstanley, who has an extensive knowledge of the village. In addition to the walk he had prepared for us, he was also able to show the group the residence of George Smith, the land agent whose diary the IAG Documentary Group are investigating.
15 July 2018

Sunrise over High Brae
Colleagues investigating the position of the cairn field on High Brae in relation to the mid-summer sunrise took photos on the early morning of 19 June. More photos here.
12 July 2018
sunrise over High Brae

Surveying on High Brae
A team of IAG colleagues completed a survey of a cairn field on High Brae (on the eastern slopes of Ingleborough).

Some 22 cairns were identified and recorded, the vast majority with some sandstone showing amongst the limestone. Further investigation will be needed to decide whether these are simply clearance cairns, or have some greater importance. More photos here.

10 June 2018
Surveying on High Brae

Whalley Abbey Visit to Whalley Abbey
Members and guests made an excellent visit to Whalley Abbey on 21 May. The visit was led by Nigel Neil, an expert on the Abbey. He guided us inside and outside of the site, adding detail and context to the talk he gave earlier to the Group in April.
10 June 2018

Ribblehead Railway Construction Camp
View the link here for a summary of the IAG Excavation Report for Ribblehead Construction Camp Building n6. The summary has been provided by the Friends of Settle-Carlisle Line.
1 May 2018

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