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IAGIAG The Alison Armstrong Archive
The Documentary Group, led by Phil Robinson, included: Geraldine Norman, Jill Sykes, John Cuthbert, John Owen, Mary Slater, Mike Short, Mike Slater and Phil Robinson. They have completed the task of cataloguing and digitising the material donated to the IAG by Alison Armstrong. The material concerns local buildings and their construction.

Owing to the size of the archive, it has been decided to display it on an external site: the Dales Community Archives.

The material fell in to three categories: details of individual buildings (text, drawings and measurements), photographic slides of buildings and dating reports done through tree-ring analysis.

Displaying the Archive
Due to the large number of records in this archive, the material is now being uploaded onto 'Capturing the Past', the online record of the Yorkshire Dales community. Uploading the records will take some time, so the archive will slowly grow over the coming months.

Update - November 2023
The majority of the archive has now been uploaded. There are still some 200 photos to upload.

Click here to access the material uploaded so far

Sample material
Photographs showing the structure of historical buildings

Sample material
Dendrochronology reports in partnership with Robert Howard of the Nottingham Tree-Ring Dating Laboratory

Sample material
Photographs of historical buildings
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